Helpful carton association initiative

Under the direction of its Technical Committee, the German Association Fachverband Faltschachtel-Industrie e.V (FFI) has compiled a list of the international manufacturers of carton converting machinery for their domestic folding carton industry. The list is structured according to the different areas of production (cutting & creasing, embossing, gluing and logistics) and shows the equipment supplied to their market by individual machine manufacturers, showing relevant sizes for each of the machine categories. It also includes an analysis of whether the international manufacturers gives service in Europe and provides contacts, address and website for each company.

The list includes 34 machine manufacturers from all over the world. “With this service provided by the association, FFI members are for the first time receiving an extensive insight into the international machine manufacturing community as well information on individual machines used in the production of folding cartons in other parts of the word,” says Christian Schiffers, FFI Managing Director. Carton converters in other countries would be sure to benefit if other carton associations followed the FFI lead.

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