Help at Christmas time, from Marbach

Marbach traditionally donates to a good cause at Christmas, including in its 100th anniversary year.

Last year under the motto ‘Donations instead of gifts’, Marbach supported aid projects in connection with the war in Ukraine. As this topic is tragically still current, Marbach will also support an aid project of the organisation ‘Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V.’ in Ukraine with the largest part of its donation of €8,000 euros in 2023. A further €2,000 goes to the Wartberg School in Heilbronn.

Peter Marbach explains, “What we are particularly pleased about is that the German Federal Foreign Office considers the project of the aid organisation Help that we are supporting to be particularly worthy of support and is funding 90% of it. The Marbach donation flows into Help’s own 10% contribution and will be increased tenfold. In plain language, this means €8,000 in donations trigger €80,000 in aid money.”

Together with the donation to the Wartberg School, this means that a total of €82,000 will reach people in need.

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