Heidelberg is committed to safe and healthy printing and an efficient circular economy

By joining the international Healthy Printing initiative, Heidelberg is underlining this comprehensive commitment to environmentally friendly products and technologies.

Healthy and sustainable printing is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage. Demand for safe and recyclable print products is growing, particularly in packaging printing. As a leading partner to the folding carton industry, Heidelberg says it supports the holistic approach of the Healthy Printing Initiative. This offers a platform along the value chain for exchange and cooperation about healthy printing and improved recyclability. Recyclability makes an important contribution to an efficient circular economy and thus strengthens the competitiveness of the printing and, in particular, the packaging industry.

“The Healthy Printing mission is an excellent fit with Heidelberg’s approach to the environment and sustainability,” said Rainer Hundsdörfer, Heidelberg CEO. “Together, we promote the production of print products that are healthy for people and the environment and profitable at the same time.”

“The Healthy Printing Initiative thrives on a committed exchange along the entire value chain of print products, and we are therefore delighted to welcome Heidelberg as another representative of press manufacturers in this network,” says Jenny Pfau of the Healthy Printing Initiative. “The new perspectives and experiences will enrich the Healthy Printing Initiative.”

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