Heidelberg Hosts U.S. Open House

Heidelberg USA recently hosted an open house at Print Media Center Atlanta to demonstrate the impact Prinect has on the efficiency of print shops. The one-day event focused on how Prinect is driving the Smart Print Shop of the Future by improving operational results through higher productivity and quality. With multiple seminars on the different aspects of Prinect, the event helped customers recognize how Heidelberg’s business intelligence platform and integrated workflow can optimize job management, increase productivity and reduce errors, create closer relationships with customers, increase sales conversion rates, and minimize inventory.

Prinect automates multiple processes and brings transparency to them. This allows the customer to analyze and optimize workflows based on precisely collected data. “The customer reaction and feedback was outstanding. The event showcased how the full capabilities of Prinect workflow, including our own Business Manager MIS, help maximize productivity and, most importantly, the profitability of our customers,” said Mark Bohan, Director of Prinect and CtP for Heidelberg USA. “It is about the complete print facility and providing solutions that integrate to create seamless production — leveraging all the advantages of Heidelberg equipment, consumables, service and workflow in harmony.”

Kicking off the event was a presentation from Anthony Thirlby, Prinect General Manager Worldwide, who explained why operating a Smart Print Shop and embracing the latest technology advancements are critical to future success. The event then moved into small groups to discuss three different topics: 1) how Prinect automation eliminates steps to help save time and costs, 2) the enhanced gains to the business workflow through MIS and 3) improved communication and transparency with the customers and staff. The groups rejoined for a session on Prinect Business Intelligence, which links and visualizes business and production data. The experience was then put together in a live demonstration on press showing how Prinect facilitates Heidelberg’s “Push to Stop” printing technology with three fully autonomous jobs and then showed the data that can be obtained during production.

Anthony Thirlby, Prinect General Manager Worldwide

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