Hand tools from Marbach

Marbach Die Supplies provides packaging manufacturers with materials for their daily needs, as well as equipment for their die-cutting environment. For high productivity in packaging production, not only the die-cutting machine and the die-cutting technologies that are used play a decisive role, but also a well-functioning die preparation. This is where handheld devices from Marbach come in.

The two workbenches were designed especially for use in packaging production and are configured accordingly.

  • mcut|multi: is a rule processing device that combines the functionality of three devices in one. It is used directly at the processing machine or in the work preparation department. With the mcut|multi, rule materials can be cut to length and notched, and hooks and double lips can be cut.
  • mcut|round: is a hand-held device for cutting defined radii at the end of creasing rules. It can be used for flat as well as for rotary creasing rules to cut different radii. This prevents the board from bursting at the ends of the creasing rules. The outcome are consistent creasing results in high quality.
  • mcut|matrix: is a device for cutting matrix. Its special mechanics optimise the cutting force, ensuring fast and precise cutting. Its design makes it robust and flexible in use.
  • mbend: is a manual bending device for rule materials. It can be used to bend rules in thicknesses from 1 pt to 4 pt. It has a comprehensive range of features including a lockable depth gauge with scale which ensures precision in bending settings. In addition, two standard bending sets, as well as individually assembled bending sets, can be flexibly selected from more than 100 different options. Further geometries can be implemented on request.

The equipment from Marbach Die Supplies can be individually assembled as required.

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