Hamillroad and Asahi Photoproducts

Hamillroad Software has confirmed a new partnership with Asahi Photoproducts.

The partnership is set to satisfy growing global demand from brand owners, trade shops, printers and converters for a more environmentally friendly ‘water-wash’ plate making process that delivers best-in-class image reproduction.

Brand owners are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and are taking a closer look at production practices including the reduction of harmful solvents and greenhouse gases. The combination of Asahi’s move to ‘Solvent Zero’, and Bellissima’s ability to enable fixed palette CMYK and ECG printing, offers the flexo market a strategic opportunity to drive down the consumption of harmful solvents and greenhouse gasses whilst driving efficiencies by accelerating the production process. Sustainability benefits can be achieved through the elimination of press wash ups when switching to a standardized ink set and replacing the use of solvent with water in the platemaking process.

Andy Cave, CEO, Hamillroad, said, “We were thrilled to discover how closely aligned our strategies for the future of flexo were when we first engaged, and we’re excited to see how our partnership can support the industry in the move towards a more sustainable manufacturing process with fixed palette CMYK and ECG printing.”

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