Haeco launches next generation Trim Removal System, TRS-4

Haeco recently announced the launch of the TRS-4, the next generation of its Trim Removal System for flexo folder gluers.

The new features include Brushless Motors to eliminate the necessity of replacing worn brushes as in the earlier versions, TRS-2 and TRS-3. The new motors include a motor direction switch and have more robust shafts and bearings.

Strap replacement can now be done in less than a minute with one hand utilizing the Preassembled Hub with magnetic quick release, saving significant time at the end of the wear cycle. Most applications will be able to include the option for vertical Thumb Screw Adjustment, again with one hand, and keeping the top and bottom strap positioning center-justified with the corrugated sheet.

All the new features are upgradable on the TRS-2 and TRS-3 systems with reverse polarity protection for the motors.

“Haeco continually strives to provide innovative products for greater performance yet keeping it simple,” said Jerry Henline, Haeco President.

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