Greycon Raises Funds for WasteAid

On Friday 1st October, members of the Greycon team began a collective companywide walk to raise money for WasteAid. The walk was split into three different parts with the first leg covering the distance between Greycon’s London office and the office located in Athens. During the first leg, the Greycon team walked a total of 3,466,000 steps covering 1,733 miles.

In the second leg, the team covered the distance from their Athens office to the Dusseldorf office of sister company WM Data. During this leg of the journey, a total of 3,064,000 steps were walked covering 1,532miles.

The final leg of the journey covered the distance from the WM Data office in Dusseldorf to the Greycon office in Montevideo, Uruguay. During this leg, a whopping 20,129,083 steps were walked covering 7,075 miles.

In total, 26,695,083 steps have been walked covering 10,340 miles.

Upon completion of each leg, Greycon added £250 to the donation pot. A total of £852 has been raised so far. Donations for the incentive are still being taken. To donate, click here and visit the Step Challenge JustGiving page.

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