Greenwoods Stock Boxes install their third Autobox Boxmaker

Established in the late 1960s, Greenwoods Stock Boxes of Nottingham is now part of the Macfarlane Group. Their manufacturing facility is designed to cater for a range of nuisance run lengths and fast turnaround of products.

With three Autobox boxmakers and two gluers already installed, Greenwoods are familiar with the machines and service provided by Kolbus UK. It was no surprise that when they wanted to expand their product range to include customised printed boxes, they turned to Kolbus UK.

Greenwoods have now installed a Kolbus Autobox AB300 boxmaker and a Kolbus FP300 flexo print unit. These machines enable them to offer short to medium run lengths of printed boxes, offering customers personalisation of their packaging.

Steve Pilmore, General Manager, Greenwoods, has worked with Autobox for nearly 30 years and what has always impressed him has been the fast and automatic machine set up, eliminating the risk for operator error. Pilmore said, “All of the hard work is done for the operator and high value, bespoke, boxes can be made at the touch of a button. On other machinery, it can take 10 minutes to an hour to set up a job, and some also require tooling. The Autobox is typically set up in a minute, without tooling, and has run over 100 boxes by the time you have finished setting other machines. This is obviously essential when specialising in manufacturing run lengths of one upwards to a few thousand.”

Pilmore continued, “We are able to produce consistent high-quality boxes to tight tolerances, even when running large 300KK boxes. We are particularly pleased with the flexo print unit. It is quick to set and very flexible. Customers have been impressed with the quality we are able to achieve.”

Arran Sethi, Sales Manager, Kolbus UK, said, “Within five days of delivery, the machine had been commissioned and operators, fully trained, were turning out top quality customised boxes at full production speed. It has been impressive to see the transition and expansion of Greenwoods Stock Boxes from their original Melton Mowbray location to the new all-in-one site in Nottingham. Our Autobox machines are an essential part of Greenwoods operation. They have produced millions of boxes on them, a testimony to the Autobox’s build quality and reliability.”

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