Green Bay Packaging new recycled paper mill begins production

Green Bay Packaging Inc. has recently confirmed that the first reel of paper was produced at its new mill in Green Bay, WI.  This significant milestone comes two and a half years after breaking ground. This success is the first step to reaching full production capacity.  The $500m investment has had a profound, positive impact on Northeast Wisconsin’s economy and the environment.

“These are exciting times at Green Bay Packaging as we ramp up production on our new paper machine.  This is the single biggest project in our company’s history, and it certainly would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of our internal people and our many partners and suppliers working together to turn this dream into reality.  Not to be overlooked are the many great customers we have, without whom this project would not have been necessary or feasible,” said Will Kress, Chairman and CEO of Green Bay Packaging.

The construction and startup of the new Green Bay mill will preserve more than 1,100 Green Bay Packaging jobs and roughly 1,500 jobs in the state of Wisconsin.  This investment positions the company to continue to grow its Wisconsin workforce, while significantly increasing production capacity and product quality. In addition, the new mill will benefit the entire regional supply chain while operating as one of the most environmentally sustainable paper mills in the world.

“The team, led by Matt Szymanski, has done an outstanding job bringing this project in on-time. This complex and intense project was completed on time and will play a significant role in the future of Green Bay Packaging.  The entire team did an outstanding job,” said Bryan Hollenbach, Executive Vice President of Green Bay Packaging.

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