Green Bay increases production efficiency on PM4 with OnQuality QCS system

Green Bay Packaging has achieved significant improvements on its PM4 with the implementation of Voith’s OnQuality Quality Control System (QCS).

William Cone, Vice President and General Manager, Green Bay Packaging Inc., says, “Along with our newly built PM4, the installation of Voith’s QCS was a game changer for Green Bay Packaging. The OnQuality.Scanner has proven to be a critical component in our paper production, allowing us to accurately monitor and maintain product quality throughout production. The system has been reliable from day one and has brought us significant improvements, including increased operating efficiency and cost savings. We have noticed less curl, improved machine runnability and smoother grade changes. Voith’s equipment and service, which has exceeded our expectations and contributed to our continued success in the paper industry.”

The OnQuality QCS, consisting of innovative OnQuality.Scanners, OnQuality.Actuators and OnQuality.Controls (MD and CD), proved to be a tailor-made solution for the company. The robust design of the OnQuality.Scanner, developed specifically for the demanding environment of the paper industry, has already been proven in over 800 installations worldwide. The installation of the compact OnQuality.Sensors, which are only 7.5 cm (2.95 inches) wide, also allows flexible installation via plug & play in tight mounting positions.

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