Greater performance when stripping with the masterstrip|plate

Over the years, Marbach has developed several solutions that provide users with greater performance in packaging production. One of these innovations is the masterstrip|plate.

The masterstrip|plate is a special male stripper which – combined with the marbastrip technology – ensures a smooth stripping process.

Bernhard Reisser, industry manager, Marbach, explains, “The spring-mounted presser plates built into this stripping technology optimally position and fix the die-cut sheet to the tool during the stripping process. As standard, the matching female stripper is equipped with the marbafly lifting aid. As a result, the stripping process becomes highly stable. This enables high machine speeds, zero waste, and best stripping performance.”

With the Marbach masterstrip|plate technology, stripping becomes a safe machine-based process that significantly increases performance in the stripping station.

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