Great Little Box choose Stock

Phillip Mack, North American Sales Manager of Stock Maschinenbau, has confirmed that British Columbia, Canada-based Great Little Box Company will add a new Stock LLM/HP labeler with upstacker at its Mitchell Island headquarters facility in Richmond, BC. Great Little Box Company Ltd. (GLBC) was founded in 1982 and specializes in designing and manufacturing custom and stock corrugated boxes and displays. GLBC also produces folding cartons, foam protective packaging, labels and distributes a full range of shipping and moving supplies. With three additional branch offices together with the head office, GLBC can effectively service its customers throughout British Columbia and the State of Washington. 

The LLM/HP unit is designed to produce fully-automatic label laminating including both spot or full-sheet labeling. The LLM/HP offers quick set-up and simple operations and can produce up to 5,000 sheets per hour. The equipment utilizes servo-driven and laser-controlled registration technology allowing for on-the-fly adjustments by the operator to ensure precise registration. Additionally, the upstacker on the LLM/HP stacks the finished product label side up for easy and efficient quality control while a stereo or mat is not required for the placement of the adhesive. 

The LLM/HP also features direct Internet tie-in, facilitating real-time communication of the equipment operations. This also further provides instantaneous information to the operator enhancing quality, speed and operation. GLBC anticipates a significant uptick in production capabilities with the addition of this sophisticated labeling system that offers even greater advantages to its existing and future clients. 

Nick Reiach, Vice President of Operations at GLBC, remarks, “We continue to invest in the highest-quality equipment, such as the Stock LLM/HP Labeler, to expand our capabilities and provide a seamless integration of additional services to our clients. Stock has earned a strong reputation with its German-designed, engineered and manufactured LLM/HP litho labeler that adds immediate value to our production output and facilitates our commitment to continued growth, expanded operations and exceptional equipment for our employees.” 

Mack who leads STOCK’s North American sales and service office, together with South Korean-based Young Shin USA’s sales and service, added, “Great Little Box Company recognized the advantages and potential for additional revenue that the LLM/HP with upstacker could offer this prestigious organization. As they directed expansion into the litho laminating labeling process, the LLM/HP met the criteria for their continued growth and success.” 


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