Grass corrugated board displays

Corrugated board made from grass paper is an alternative packaging material for companies that are focussed on sustainable operation. Thimm is now producing the resource-conserving corrugated board at its sites in Germany and in the Czech Republic. The first grass corrugated board displays are currently being used in the world’s first concept shopping mall, ‘Bikini Berlin’. 

The use of innovative and sustainable raw materials has always been a focus for Thimm, the privately owned German packaging producer. With the production of grass corrugated board, Thimm is offering its customers another environmentally-friendly alternative. This corrugated board is based on grass paper, which has an improved eco-balance when compared with wood-based paper. Grass paper consists of 30% grass pellets and 7% waste paper. The grass is acquired several times a year from legally-specified and non-previously used agricultural areas known as compensation areas. These green spaces have not been fertilised or chemically treated. Furthermore, cultivating the spaces also represents an additional income source for the farmer. 

The pellets made from grass are prepared for paper production using purely mechanical processes. This means that very little water is used in the production process. People, companies and the environment also benefit from lower CO2 emissions during the paper production. 

Thimm is currently running the innovative raw material on its corrugators in Germany and in the Czech Republic. “Grass corrugated board can be die-cut, folded and glued on converting machines just like normal corrugated board,” explains Michael Weber, Head of Corporate Marketing, Thimm Group. “Excellent printing results using all the common printing processes available in the Thimm Group can also be achieved on grass corrugated board. Accordingly, the paper structure can also be identified and it offers an outstanding reproduction of the print colours, thereby ensuring a high-impact effect at the point-of-sale.”

Weber goes on to say that corrugated board made from grass paper can be used in all sectors for packaging and displays and promotes the trend towards paper-based sustainable packaging solutions.

Thimm has produced the first grass corrugated board displays for Foodbuzz, a marketer for food start-ups. Foodbuzz is presenting new products from food start-ups in its own pop-up store in Bikini Berlin until January 2020. The displays on show in Berlin are from Thimm’s modular ‘Sales Amplifier’ system. The modular pallet displays consist of base components in the form of unprinted standard trays combined with a customised display wrap. The wrap-around cover has been created using digital printing which can offer the start-up a high-impact presentation surface. 


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