Graphic Packaging launches new paperboard – PaceSetter Rainier

Graphic Packaging International has confirmed the launch of an innovation in coated recycled paperboard (CRB): PaceSetter Rainier™, named after Mount Rainier, known for its pristine white snow-capped summit.

The new paperboard offers many of the characteristics of solid bleached sulfate (SBS) in combination with recycled content. With brightness and whiteness that exceeds that of traditional CRB, it can compete directly with SBS and folding box board (FBB). In addition, it provides improved surface smoothness for enhanced printability and tactile performance for truly stand-out printed packaging.

Leveraging industry-leading CRB investments totalling an estimated $1.7 bn combined for projects in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Waco, Texas, Graphic Packaging is boosting capacity and technical capability in CRB production to provide more customers, and ultimately consumers, with fibre-based packaging with recycled content, enabling them to contribute to a more circular economy.

Michael Weinhold, Senior VP, Paperboard Sales, Graphic Packaging, said, “This is a breakthrough for the fibre-based packaging industry and one we know is important for our customers and consumers. According to recent research by the Boston Consulting Group, 78% of consumers said they are likely to purchase a product based on a ‘made with recycled content’ claim, and 64% said it was important for packaging to contain recycled content. Our customers have been asking for a premium paperboard solution that offers a bright, white, and smooth printing surface that also includes recycled content to help support their packaging sustainability goals. We believe PaceSetter Rainier will be a game-changer for them.”

The new paperboard grade is initially available in 12pt to 18pt calipers and is ideal for a wide range of packaging applications including healthcare, beauty, confectionery, dry goods, dairy, and more.

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