Graphic Packaging appoints first Chief Sustainability Officer

Graphic Packaging Holding Co has confirmed that Michelle Fitzpatrick (pictured left) will join the Company as its first Chief Sustainability Officer. Graphic Packaging has had a long-standing commitment to running operations in a sustainable manner and has continued to advance environmental, social and governance (ESG) programs at the company to benefit all stakeholders. The Company’s consumer packaging solutions are inherently sustainable, are made from renewable and recyclable materials and support the move to a more circular economy.

The appointment of Fitzpatrick is another step in the company’s pursuit of Vision 2025 and reflects awareness of the critical nature of sustainable business practices to achieve those goals. Graphic Packaging has made great strides executing ESG programs and initiatives, including the coated recycled board mill optimisation project that will ramp in the fourth quarter of 2021, and helping customers achieve their ESG aspirations with new, innovative and more circular packaging alternatives.

Michael Doss, President and CEO, Graphic Packaging, commented, “Michelle brings a wealth of industry knowledge and environmental engineering expertise. Her experience and skillsets will further advance our risk management oversight, including strategic planning to mitigate risk from climate change impacts as well as identifying new opportunities and challenges our company can address for customers. Our long-standing commitment to sustainability practices has evolved to meet the needs of our stakeholders and our communities. Michelle will lead advancements in reporting and elevate our ESG communication platform.”

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