GPI wins notable awards at 2020 Paperboard Packaging Council’s carton competition

Graphic Packaging International (GPI) has recently earned a noteworthy number of awards at the 2020 Paperboard Packaging Council’s carton competition, including the top honor, Paperboard Package of the Year, as well as Innovation, Sustainability and Folding Carton of the Year awards.

KeelClip™ is the winner of two top accolades: Paperboard Package of the Year and the Innovation award. KeelClip’s design that not only replaces plastic rings, top clips and shrink wrap multipacks for cans; it also offers merchandising benefits that similar beverage packaging does not. The concept combines an efficient paperboard clip with the benefits of a stabilizing ‘keel’ structure to strengthen the top panel and optimize clip performance.

The award affirms the company’s approach to creating innovative packaging solutions that helps brands achieve sustainability goals and meet consumer demand for packaging made from renewable materials.

Brands and retailers are looking for more sustainable, innovative packaging solutions to address Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP). Accordingly, PaperSeal®, the perfect innovation to meet that challenge, took home the coveted Sustainability award.

PaperSeal is a barrier-lined paperboard tray that can eliminate up to 90 percent of plastic and is ideal for meat, cheese, seafood, fruits and vegetables and other prepared foods. With a continuous sealing flange, the tray’s barrier lining can be easily removed from the paperboard for recycling. PaperSeal is a major advancement in tray-sealing package technology, and this unique paperboard structure distinguishes the tray from other options in the industry. Because the paperboard can be printed in full color on both sides, its eye-catching effect on retail shelves is elevated, allowing consumers to quickly locate and select brands and products.

GPI ‘s curved carton design for Stella Artois was named Folding Carton of the Year. The primary design objective of this bottle multipack was to create a distinct package that differentiates the brand on shelf, grabbing consumers’ attention while shopping. Customer experience was also top-of-mind, so the design includes a comfortable flex handle and a zipper-like opening feature for easy dispensing. The result was an award-winning carton with a rounded edges and superior graphics.

“When I think about what these awards mean to our team, it reinforces what we have believed all along, that our products address real consumer needs and have the ability to make a positive difference in our world. At the same time, design cannot be sacrificed because consumers are looking for beautiful, functional products that check all their boxes. We’re thrilled to have received these awards,” said Mike Doss, president and CEO of Graphic Packaging.

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