Good year for Wellpack Taper

“A lot is going on at Wellpack Taper!” says Jonas Kihlman, Sales and Marketing Manager. “Over the last year, we recorded an all time high for both installations and production capacity.”

He continues, “We have installed our system last year on corrugators manufactured by both BHS Corrugated and Fosber and have improved how we integrate the system fully into full line corrugators. Here is an example of a system on a new Fosber corrugator.”

“We are proud of what we achieving already this year, with several installations completed and continuous improvement to our world leading tape applicator,” adds Kihlman. “We have listened to our customers and have a lot of ideas on how to improve our system even more. For example, we have now a 19” touch-screen so the user friendliness has improved even more. In every part of development, we think of safety first. So our complete welded platform, which has been with us from the beginning, is a guarantee for a secure and stable working place.”

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