Good sales for Cartostrip

Cartostrip Ltd, makers of hand held die-cut waste stripping equipment, report brisk sales in the last quarter, both domestically and overseas. Units have been shipped to converters in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Greece, as well as a multiple unit order to the USA, through distributor Young Shin USA. The first order has been placed for Poland by newly appointed distributor Intergrafix Sp, who will also cover the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary.

Corrugated sheet plant, South West Packaging of Gillingham, Dorset are among recent UK orders. “From the start of the sales demonstration we were hooked,” commented Patrick Connolly, Sales Manager. “We purchased the whole system, including turntable and balancer, to enable us to handle waste better. The machine has made the most difference in production for the least sum invested in a long while – and the ROI will be short too.”

Cartonage in Dewsbury bought three units. “We have been hand stripping die-cut cartons for over 20 year, because we believed it was the most efficient way to do it. When we saw the Cartostrip in use, we realised that we were wrong,” said Phil Webster of Cartonage. “ We saw the potential and bought three units. Even on complicated sheets, with a little forward planning, the Cartostrip strips them in no time.”

“We are working with one of the big UK groups to replace all their old units,” comments Richard Alcock, Managing Director of Cartostrip Ltd. “Their Health and Safety officers are particularly taken with the Cartostrip Compact, as it is the only two handed operation machine available.”

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