Gluejet investment for Greenshires

Another good year for Bickers GmbH in the UK was rounded off with the installation of a Gluejet at Greenshires in Leicester, England. “After a successful demonstration visit to Bickers in Germany with samples, Greenshires considered it a ‘No Brainer’ to order the impressive XY Gluejet,” says Neil Thayer of Finishline Machinery, Bickers’ UK sales agent. “The ease of use and build quality made the decision easy for them, as many jobs can be completed in two or three times the speed of manual hand held glue guns. The machine is able to apply hot melt and PVA glue in almost any pattern making it perfect for finishing FSDU/POS work. The Gluejet is the world leader in XY gluing and is the safest, most productive machine on the market.”

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