GLUEJET for Walz Verpackungen in Germany

Bickers confirms another GLUEJET® installation at Walz Verpackungen in Langenenslingen, Germany.

Walz Verpackungen is a subsidiary of Rondo Ganahl AG. Founded in 1953, it produces various types of customised, high-quality specialty packaging made from corrugated and honeycomb cardboard.

“To glue our specialty and transport packaging, we needed a machine that would give us short set-up times as well as high productivity and flexibility. Furthermore, it should meet our high standards of quality and safety. After we have been producing with a GLUEJET® glue plotter in one of our factories for five years, the decision to buy a second machine was not difficult for us,” says Stefan Göbel, Operations Manager, Walz Verpackungen.

The GLUEJET® 20.30 PAi2 glue plotter was installed end of 2023 and is equipped with the latest technology for the application of hotmelt adhesives and cold glues. With the new GLUEJET® SmartHead system a combination of hotmelt and cold glue can be applied simultaneously with a speed of up to 6m/sec.

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