Gerrity upgrades their Bobst 8.20 with Absolute 2G carbon fibre chambers

Gerrity Corrugated Paper Products Ltd recently upgraded their BOBST 8.20 Expertline flexo folder gluer from standard OEM chambers to Absolute 2G woven carbon fibre chambers. The upgrade allows the chamber to be fully interchangeable with OEM parts and accept standard Bobst pipe fittings for return and supply of ink.

Absolute says that its chambers are lighter than traditional aluminium chambers, weighing in at 65% less than the aluminium equivalent, and can be safely lifted by one operator. The 2G chambers also come with a 15 year guarantee against corrosion.

“We chose Absolute because their specification is designed to be better than the standard OEM product. They delivered on time, the installation was faultless and their 15 year warranty against splintering and corrosion means that our latest investment will not need replacing. Gerrity has a very specific aim to maintain our equipment at the highest technical standard possible, enabling us to serve our customers as efficiently as possible,” said Chris Maisonneuve, Operations Leader of Gerrity Corrugated Paper Products.

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