Geesinknorba is Dutch-owned again

Geesinknorba Group, a leading European manufacturer of waste management solutions, has been taken over and is Dutch-owned again.

The group is active in almost 40 countries, with its headquarters based in Emmeloord, the Netherlands, where it engineers and manufactures waste collection vehicles. It also has a facility in Seville, Spain, where compactors are manufactured. From seven branches across Europe , the company provides services, repairs and maintenance to customers in both the public and private sector.

Founded in 1875 as a builder of carriages by Jacobus Geesink, the company exported its first waste collection vehicle in 1915. While the company still offers conventional means of powering waste collection equipment, it is focused on the most sustainable solutions and has innovated on alternative fuel and electricity powered vehicles since 2005. Currently, Geesinknorba offers hybrid, full electric and even hydrogen powered waste collectors.

Now, after more than 20 years, the company is back to its roots and will be 100% Dutch owned again. A group of entrepreneurs, management and investor Globitas bought the Geesinknorba Group from Firion, an international environmental company.

In order to get all interests aligned, the new owners want to introduce a more entrepreneurial spirit. For example, they intend to distribute shares of the company among the employees and give several managers of the international branches the opportunity to become part-owners. The company’s balance sheet will be strengthened and new capital will be made available to help the company grow its sustainable solutions.



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