Gazzella stitcher for Cumberland Container

Cumberland Container recently installed a Gazzella TO7200 2PC Stitcher/Gluer at its facility in Monterey, TN. The machine was sold by Gazzella’s US agent, Stitching & Gluing Solutions LLC.

“This state-of-the-art machine offers unparalleled versatility, enabling us to efficiently stitch, hot glue, cold glue, or perform the innovative ‘glitch’ operation (stitch and glue simultaneously) for one or two-piece cartons in a single pass,” said the company. “The Gazzella TO7200 is capable of joining cartons as small as 10″x3.5″x4″ or 12″x2″x4″, and as large as 129″x12″x86″ or 78″x63″x86″ with board grades E, B, C, or BC Flutes. This means we can cater to a wide array of packaging needs under one roof.”

In May 2024, the company confirmed it will be installing a Gazzella TW7200, which can handle triplewall board, expanding its capabilities even further.

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