FZ Right Angle Gluer

WSI Global confirms that its FZ Right Angle Gluer is designed to manufacture bottle carrier cartons dependably at speeds up to 12,000 cartons per hour, making it ideal for short-run, microbrewery use. The FZ Right Angle is remanufactured on the cast iron frames of existing right angle gluer equipment, lowering the price point compared to new equipment, while running at comparable speeds.

FZ Right Angle gluer

The machine’s carton-specific denickers shear instead of tearing nicks, ensuring that the carton’s print is not disrupted. Denicker changeover between different dies is fast and easy, replacing the entire shaft mounted denicking wheels already set to the die. Additionally, WSI Global’s CS-1000 Compression Section generates equal compression over all of the cartons’ different board thicknesses, ensuring proper glue set.

Though most FZ Right Angle gluers feature advanced, automatic glue extrusion systems, the product is also available with traditional glue pots. For more information, visit http://wsiglobal.com/right-angle-gluer-upgrades

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