‘Fundamentals of packaging for the apple value chain’ in Pakistan

A day long training on ‘The Fundamentals of packaging’ for the apple supply chain was organised by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) in Pakistan, with the support of WPO (World Packaging Organisation). The five modules of the training gave a clear understanding of fundamental of packaging, packaging as a marketing tool, food and agricultural packaging practices, hygiene packaging practices and packaging and labelling regulations, with a special focus on the apple value chain.

“The purpose of this training was to highlight the importance of packaging and to provide packaging solutions to the various actors of apple value chain in Baluchistan, including Baluchistan Food Authority (BFA) & Agriculture department Government of Baluchistan. The training is also part of a complete joint project implemented by UNIDO and WPO in the region for this important sector and funded by Japan,” states Pierrer Pienaar, President, WPO.

Nadia Aftab, Country Representative of UNIDO, explained, “Balochistan is the largest province and considered to be the least developed province of Pakistan. Livelihood of the majority of the inhabitants of the province depends on the agriculture. Food safety problems are a leading cause of more than 200 preventable diseases worldwide. Each year, one in 10 people will suffer from food-borne illness or injury. In addition to the immediate human cost, inadequate food safety comes with a greater ripple effect that impedes socioeconomic progress, especially in the developing world. There is a lack of food safety and hygiene compliant practices at farm and food processing level and also limited understanding and knowledge on the requirements of food safety and quality assurance of commodities, hence support to the government of Balochistan and private stakeholders much needed than ever.”

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