Fujifilm offers new print mode for Jet Press 750S High Speed Model

Since Fujifilm launched the original Jet Press 720 in 2011, upgraded models and enhanced functionality have been a continual feature of its development.

From the launch of the Jet Press 720S in 2014, to the arrival of the Jet Press 750S in 2018 and the Jet Press 750S High Speed Model in 2021. More than ten years after the first iteration of Fujifilm’s B2 inkjet press, the company has continued to listen to market demands and the needs of its customers to make the Jet Press even more versatile and flexible so that it can be used for a greater number of print jobs, in addition to its well-known ability to produce the highest print quality.

As a result, the company is introducing a new High Value mode which offers a third production option in addition to the High Quality and High Performance modes already available. The new High Value mode sits in between Jet Press High Quality and High Performance modes. It prints at the same resolution as High Quality mode (1200 x 1200 dpi native resolution), but without the need for the rapid coagulation primer (RCP). This intermediate level will be ideal for applications that do not require the ultimate highest quality that the Jet Press High Quality mode can produce, and as it uses no RCP, running costs are reduced, offering even greater flexibility to users.

In addition to the new High Value mode, Fujifilm is also now introducing the option of increased feed and delivery stack heights to the Jet Press 750S, bringing multiple production benefits to both commercial and folding carton packaging print businesses.  The additional 300mm height means 1,000 extra sheets of 300μm folding carton board (an increase of 37%) can be used. This also has the added benefit of increasing non-stop running time to over an hour for folding carton stock, and to more than two hours for thinner commercial stocks.

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