Fujifilm and Color-Logic Inc for printed metallic effects 

Fujifilm has confirmed an agreement with Color-Logic Inc to sell its solution for producing metallic effects, using either digital toner or analogue printing processes. Whether using silver ink or toner on a white substrate, or printing with white ink or toner on a metallic substrate, the Color-Logic System™ colour communication system takes into account the printing device, inks, press profile and coatings specific to the printer. At the same time, it also provides designers, brands, printers and convertors with an accurate colour communication and print embellishment system to work from.

Richard Ainge, CTO and a founder, Color-Logic,  said, “The colour gamut and print quality off the press was excellent. Color-Logic is delighted to partner with Fujifilm to bring print embellishment to its customers.”

Fujifilm will also be making the Color-Logic system available with other Fujifilm print and packaging technologies – both analog and digital.

Manuel Schrutt, Head of Packaging, Fujifilm EMEA, comments, “Fujifilm offset, flexo and digital technologies already enable customers to print a wide range of striking metallic effects – either through the use of metallic inks or by using white inks on metallic substrates. But with the Color-Logic System, customers can now also create a pre-defined palette of metallic colours that can be installed into Adobe design apps. They then have the ability to print these palettes as colour charts or swatch books, on their own press, to then give to their clients. This enables a 100% reliable colour communication system for metallics which runs from the design stage of the process through to the printing itself. We’re delighted to be working with the clear technology leader in this field and providing out customers with yet more flexibility and opportunity.”

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