Fujifilm adjusts prices in response to economic challenges in Europe

Fujifilm has announced price increases to a range of its hardware products, consumables, and services as the European market continues to be impacted by geopolitical influences and inflationary challenges.

These challenges include: an unprecedented increase in labour costs; sharply rising freight and warehousing rates; continuously high energy prices, and increased prices from Fujifilm’s own suppliers.

Taku Ueno, Senior Vice President, Fujifilm Graphic Communications, Europe, comments, “Despite our best efforts to absorb the impact of these increases, we can no longer avoid raising the prices of many of our products and services. The prices will be increased by double digit percentages, the exact amount dependent on the product range, and be effective from 18th March, 2024, with the news communicated directly to customers affected. At Fujifilm we remain committed to providing  high quality products and services and will continue to work to mitigate any further cost impacts.”

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