FTA award for Rheonics

Rheonics has recently announce that its InkSight, a multi-station ink viscosity control system, has won the 2021 FTA Technical Innovation Award.

RPS InkSight is a multi-station ink viscosity control system, consisting of three subsystems – a viscosity sensor, a predictive tracking controller and an intuitive graphical interface. RPS InkSight Predictive Tracking Controller and SRV viscometers enable tight viscosity control throughout the print job, due to the system’s ability to autonomously maintain viscosity within extremely narrow limits.

“InkSight fundamentally changes the nature of the flexo printing process, from initial job setup all the way to jobs that, once delivered, secure a clear path to repeat business. But on a deeper level, we see that Rheonics InkSight is producing a change in the culture of the flexo industry by adding job-length consistency, accuracy and efficiency to an already highly sophisticated and powerful printing press,” said Dr Joe Goodbread, Chief Technical Officer of Rheonics.



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