Frugalpac Join Two Sides

The print and paper advocacy group Two Sides has confirmed its newest member, Frugalpac, the British sustainable packaging company with a global mission to decarbonise the food and drinks industry.

Frugalpac’s first product – the Frugal Cup – is a recyclable beverage and food cup made from 96% recycled paper and using 60% less carbon than normal paper cups.

Malcolm Waugh, CEO, Frugalpac, said, “We thought it was important to become a Two Sides member to support its goal of promoting sustainable print and paper-based packaging. At Frugalpac, we have a global mission to help decarbonise the drinks and food industry. We do that by creating sustainable packaging using recycled paper. Our recycled paper can have several lives before becoming a paper bottle and can be recycled again using significantly less carbon than a traditional glass bottle. Paper has a vital role to play in helping the world cut carbon and we look forward to working with Two Sides to make that case around the world.”

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