Friese expands sales network

Friese GmbH is enjoying success internationally, thanks to a solid worldwide network of sales and service specialists, ensuring their corrugating rolls can be distributed everywhere.

“Our partners work with passion and professionalism all over the world and thanks to their knowledge of individual markets and specific local needs, combined with our ability to create flexible tailor-made solutions, they allow us to satisfy any market and need,” says Philipp Heublein, Friese Senior Manager Sales & Service.

The company have recently expanded its sales and service network, with three new companies:

“I am sure that thanks to the commitment of Ercorr, NOVA-LA and Rinco, without forgetting and thanking the existing partner’s network all over the globe, we will be able to forge even stronger collaborative relationships and offer even more advantageous and innovative products for all our customers,” concludes Heublein.


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