Agency Deal for Middle East

FRIESE, the specialist in corrugating rolls, and Lebanon based Blueberry C&T s.a.l. have signed a contract to act as the new agency in the Middle East. “The growing focus on industrialization in the oil countries and their neighbours has created a demand of high-quality corrugated board. The installations of top-class machinery in this area as well as the need of high quality printing solutions creates a need for our outstanding product” says Philipp Heublein – Senior Manager Sales and Service at FRIESE.

Blueberry C&T s.a.l. will cover the area from Iraq down south to Kenia and support corrugated plants in optimizing their processes. Jamal Nasr, Owner of  Blueberry C&T s.a.l. said, “With FRIESE we extend our portfolio of premium machinery from Europe and Asia. This allows us to now create optimum solutions for the huge number of customers in our area.”

Philipp Heublein and Jamal Nasr.