FP Mercure takes digital press

FP Mercure, a specialist in print communication in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, installed an HP Indigo 30000 in January 2017, specifically to strengthen its presence in the packaging market.

In this highly competitive sector, FP Mercure wished to innovate and set itself apart. “After a thorough market research, we noted that some European packaging companies are not always reactive to product launches, prototypes, small volumes and creative packaging,” said Frédéric Corbo, CEO of FP Mercure. “FP Mercure therefore set out to reduce time-to-market and offer the many small producers access to folding carton packaging, which up to now had been too expensive with the traditional offset production mode.”

He continues, “We had the choice between reinvesting in a five or six-colour offset press in B2 format and thus remaining a follower in the packaging industry, or pursuing our strategy of breaking free, taking an important technological step and becoming a market pioneer by opting for the HP Indigo 30000 press. Given the markets we were aiming for, print quality had to be absolutely flawless.”

The advantages of the HP Indigo 30000 press were immediate for FP Mercure, who was able to increase both the quantity and the quality of its production, while benefiting from HP support from the set-up to the calibration of the printer.

“The advantage of this production process is the ability to print a product which is 100 per cent identical to the previous one. In terms of reactivity and also colour accuracy and cost, this is a compelling argument. The other advantage is the ability to review a sheet from a previous print and present it to the customer within minutes, without stopping the machine which is printing another job. The HP Indigo 30000 has impressive flexibility, thus providing a comfortable working environment,” concludes Corbo.

L to R: Frédéric and Philippe Corbo (CEO and General Manager of FP Mercure)

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