Fosber and Baviera

Massimiliano Bianchi, Managing Director of Fosber and Roberto Baviera, President of Baviera Steam Systems, have confirmed a strategic agreement between the two companies. The signing of this agreement cements and formalises the long standing co-operation between Fosber and Baviera, the Spanish company who manufacture specialised steam systems for corrugators.

The formation of this technical, strategic and exclusive partnership underlines the shared vision and business objectives between the two companies. As a result, it will guarantee improved performance and important energy savings for customers.

The principal benefit of this formal alliance is that it will bring thirty years of experience and expertise of the Spanish company into the core of the Fosber corrugator, as well as the plant wide system. An integral part of the agreement sees the introduction of Baviera’s RAS (Remote Assets Service) system into the Fosber corrugator line. This on-line monitoring system ensures that all aspects of the steam system are operating correctly and efficiently, optimising all the heat transferring cycles along the complete corrugator line. This guarantees maximum steam plant and corrugator performance, optimises energy efficiency and also provides an integral certification and set of complete documentation furnished exclusively for Fosber.

Bianchi and Baviera
Left to right: Massimiliano Bianchi and Roberto Baviera


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