FlexoKITE announces 2021 Problem-Solving Webinar Series

FlexoKITE is launching its new series of technical webinars for 2021. It’s ambition with this webinar series is to address real-world print problems converters are facing today that create product waste and press downtime.

The topics for the webinar series come from the FlexoKITE launch webinar. They took this opportunity to get direct feedback from converters during the webinar. The webinar series will focus on how to tackle challenges facing specific segments from labels, flexible packaging or corrugated printing. The webinar series will be hosted by Apex and Esko featuring speakers from our FlexoKITE partners, industry experts, and converters who have already overcome these challenges.

Each webinar will follow a structured approach to practically address a print problem following these steps:

  • Problem definition;
  • Highlight the consequences of the issue in production ;
  • Identify the root cause of Fault;
  • Understand the costs associated with the Fault;
  • Demonstrate the possible solutions to eliminate the problem;
  • Highlight any implications the solutions may have in press performance / efficiency;
  • Advise the required steps and contacts to solve the problem ;
  • Indicate the costs associated to the solutions suggested.

Each webinar features a ‘teamwork’ approach to resolve these everyday challenges, wherein a combination of technologies, procedures, knowledge & experience combine to offer a “creative” solution. The Webinar series will cover topics including:

  • Fibre suppression and reducing washboarding in corrugated;
  • Ink spitting in UV inks;
  • Screening principles & yellow moiré;
  • Colour Impact of White Ink Opacity with UV Inks;
  • Plate life , plate wear & over pressure;
  • Print production synchronisation.

This new series starts on 3rd February, looking at the Colour Impact of White Ink Opacity with Solvent inks for flexible packaging.

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