FlexoColor completes Miraclon Certification Program

FlexoColor, based in Valencia, Spain, has successfully completed the Miraclon Certification Program for FLEXCEL NX Plates.

Left to right: José Vicente Belda (Quality Manager) and Vicenta Belda (Owner).

The certification has been designed to evaluate KODAK FLEXCEL System users’ ability to meet international standards in flexographic platemaking and represents a feature set that drives industry-leading efficiency, repeatability, and consistent quality flexo plate production. The certification process is also supported with comprehensive data measurement and analysis.

“Our customers come to us for excellence, and the high international standards set by the Miraclon Certification Program for FLEXCEL NX Plates underscores that excellence is exactly what they get,” says Jose Vicente Belda Azorin, Quality Manager at FlexoColor. “The certification also serves as guarantee that we are working with the very best materials and equipment on the market to deliver the high quality our customers expect.”

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