Flex Print in Egypt runs Speedmaster CX 102 for premium folding cartons

Egyptian consumers have high standards when it comes to packaging. It was this that prompted Flex Print to invest in a Speedmaster CX 102-8+LYYL UV for its printing and packaging needs.

Flex Print is one of the only printing companies in Egypt and the Near East with one of these presses. Its configuration offers the company the flexibility it needs for its intended printing applications. For example, four primary colours and two spot colours can be printed in one pass if required. Special effects are achieved with dispersion and UV coatings using the double-coating technology. A further benefit is the wide range of substrates, from cardboard to different plastics to aluminium foil.

“Our intention with this new press is to develop the market in Egypt with premium folding cartons that catch the eye at the point of sale through metalized and other special effects,” explains Ashraf Maher Mounir, CEO of Flex Print. “In addition, the short makeready times mean that we can now offer our customers faster delivery.”

The printing company established in 1991 in Cairo has a broad customer base of brand owners and produces packagings for the foodstuffs market as well as for luxury goods. The Speedmaster CX 102 was installed last summer by the Youssef Allam Group, Heidelberg’s representative in Egypt. For this complex project, a service engineer was specially trained on-site in Wiesloch-Walldorf in skills like how to use the electronic level, a piece of software for exactly aligning the long perfecting presses. The topic of UV in all its facets was also addressed in an online session in order to ensure the necessary safety here.

“We’re extremely happy with the advice and service we received from the Youssef Allam Group and how they installed the press, and look forward to working with them again,” says Ashraf Maher Mounir in summary.

Left to right: Ashraf Maher Mounir, General Manager, Huda Maher Mounir, Quality Assurance Manager and Mounir Maher Mounir, CEO.


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