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Promoting further growth with new headquarters

As the fifth anniversary of the merger of BST and eltromat arrives, BST eltromat International is setting the course for further growth. The company has acquired a 22,000 sqm plot of land in Bielefeld-Altenhagen, Germany, where it will build its new headquarters. Employees from both the Leopoldshöhe location and the former company headquarters in Heidsieker Heide, Bielefeld, will move into the new building, which will be designed for maximum functionality from top to bottom.

The closer links among the different product areas of BST eltromat under one roof and the optimised internal communication as a result will further increase the efficiency of the company in sales, service and technical development. By merging production after the move, BST eltromat will also be able to adapt it even further to the requirements of its customers. The new company headquarters, with a direct connection to the A2 motorway, will also house a large demo center.

“Our goal is to offer employees an extremely comfortable and modern working environment where they can develop and exercise their creativity to the greatest extent possible. The new building gives us the opportunity to try new things and optimize our processes, including our customer-facing activities. In our demo center, we will continue to expand our selection of product presentations, material tests and training courses for our customers. We look forward to discussing their individual requirements with them, testing innovative approaches, and finding the best solutions for their applications together,” explains the Managing Director of BST eltromat, Kristian Jünke.

The successes in the market during the first five years since the merger form a solid basis for further growth at BST eltromat. The new company headquarters in Bielefeld-Altenhagen aligns perfectly with the new 'perfecting your performance' strategy of the elexis Group, of which BST eltromat is the biggest subsidiary. The slogan, which otherwise refers to the optimisation of customer processes, also applies inwardly – and the increased efficiency in the company’s own internal processes will ultimately benefit the customer too.