First year as standalone business completed for Kongsberg

Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems celebrated the first anniversary of becoming a standalone company last week.

“We have achieved an incredible amount in this first 12 months,” said Stuart Fox, President, Kongsberg PCS. “Despite facing the same obvious challenges and market volatility that has affected every business, we have enjoyed an incredibly rewarding first year as a standalone business. We delivered outstanding results and released innovative new products, we have changed our go-to-market models and strengthened our customer service and satisfaction offering, and we have made strategic acquisitions to support our strategic growth.”

In May last year, just weeks after the sale of Kongsberg to private equity firm OpenGate Capital, Kongsberg PCS launched the Kongsberg C20. The latest addition to its Kongsberg C Series of digital finishing tables packs all the professional features of the market-leading range – renowned for being the most productive cutting tables available – into a compact size of just 1.6m x 1.4m.

In August, Kongsberg PCS announced the acquisition of MultiCam, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer and distributor of CNC cutting machines and digital finishing processes. The acquisition of MultiCam, which included its operations in the U.S. and sales offices in Canada and Germany, expanded Kongsberg PCS’ market reach and customer base across North America and Europe, creating the world’s first diversified provider of digital finishing and CNC cutting machines.

Additionally, the company entered into a number of new distribution deals ensuring its digital finishing solutions and service technology were more widely available, while partnerships with distribution companies have ensured more Kongsberg PCS tables are installed in demo centers around the globe.

“One of our key objectives is to make sure our customers can bring their designs to life, which is why we continue to develop robust, reliable precision cutting technologies,” said Stuart. “We have a strong new product roadmap for the coming year, which will see us developing exciting innovations in cutting tables, machines, tooling and automation. We have also made significant changes in terms of customer service and satisfaction in our first year, with plans to achieve best-in-class status in the future. We know that great service gives a great customer experience, and this year we have a real focus on customer service and training. We want our customers to enjoy the experience of owning a Kongsberg or MultiCam machine. We absolutely want our deployment and service to be the best, and we will put every effort into ensuring we achieve that.”

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