First Vinfoil Venusta sold

A few months ago, Vinfoil launched is newest module, called Venusta. The company has now confirmed it has sold the first unit. The company are now assembling the module in its facility in Holland and at it will be shipped to Asia towards the end of this year.

“With a minimal investment you can already start building you cold transfer business,” explains Vincent van der Heijden, CEO, Vinfoil “The Venusta SF110MF can offer you standard foil savings up to 50% and printing speeds up to 13,500 sheets per hour. However, you can also choose the full option Venusta SF110MF. You can reach optimal foil savings up to 85%, have an even faster job change-over and an additional speed package allows you to reach printing speeds up to 16,000 sheets per hour.”

The company says the Venusta is applicable for either folding carton or commercial printers. It is a mid-range solution between the Micro and Optima in terms of capability and price point.  It’s intended for customers that still want some foil savings and appreciate semi-automated changeover times.

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