First full AutoBox AB300 line for USA

Kolbus America has confirmed that a New England-based manufacturer of POP retail displays and merchandising solutions is set to expand operations with the first fully equipped AB300 line in the U.S. Installation is planned for Q4 2022.

“The AutoBox AB300 on-demand boxmaker is a versatile and robust machine that is suited for corrugated plants of all sizes,” said Ryan Clark, Sales Manager, Kolbus America. “This time and money-saving machine uses 75% less energy, it’s quick to set and easy to use with the interactive touchscreen interface. Furthermore, it produces up to 100 different box styles and virtually all sizes and flutes for different packaging needs, including RSC styles, partitions, trays and more.”

The AB300 purchased by the East Coast-based company is unlike any other AutoBox machine in the US, coming fully equipped with the DP300 for digital print capabilities, as well as various AutoBox modules including the MultiCut MC300 for increased box style options, AutoStack AS300, and AutoFeed AF300. The additional modules on their AB300 will further benefit their boxmaking efforts, providing additional flexibility and increasing their capabilities.

“Corrugated plants are seeing what a difference the AB300 can make, by moving jobs from other converting equipment, to the AutoBox. This fully equipped line will offer a plethora of capabilities and massive growth opportunity for this company,” concludes Clark.

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