Fire at Klingele Grunbach quickly contained

On 5th January, a malfunction occurred in a converting machine at Klingele‘s corrugated board plant in Grunbach.

As a result, corrugated waste from the machine caught fire, but thanks to the rapid intervention of the employees, the fire at the plant was contained and quickly extinguished by the fire brigade.

However, some of the embers were fed via a central conveyor belt into the waste paper baler and led to a major fire there. The fire brigade was on site quickly and was able to bring the fire under control in a relatively short time. There was no personal injury, the evacuation of the hall and the buildings went smoothly.

Since the accident, parts of the baler were brought back into operation to such an extent that production was basically made possible again. The inspection of the converting machine where the malfunction occurred took place on 9th January; with the exception of this machine, production at the Grunbach plant has been running normally again since the morning of the inspection. The amount of the damage has not yet been definitively determined, but is expected to amount to almost a six-digit amount, said the company.

Ulrich Metzger, Plant Manager of the Grunbach plant said, “Thanks to the prudent reaction of our employees and the dedicated efforts of the rescue forces, major damage was avoided. We are very grateful for that.”

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