Finigraphic for Vinfoil in France

Vinfoil has confirmed that Finigraphic has been appointed as its sole agent for France.

Patrick Faure, (pictured left) Managing Director, Finigraphic, said, “It is a pleasure for me to collaborate with Vinfoil’s dedicated team of professionals. Vinfoil’s innovative solutions are the safest when it comes to handling heavy foil rolls, have the shortest changeover times and fast running speeds. The best foil savings are also guaranteed with the innovative VIFOP program and MFU systems.”

He continues, “The high quality of the components used, the timely and efficient construction in a well-organised plant, the complete mastery of hardware and software development is proof of the reliability and productivity of the Vinfoil cold transfer solutions. Professional customer service and efficient spare parts availability guarantee the extremely high utilisation rate expected by customers. All these elements along with the dedication of its team of professionals make Vinfoil the partner of choice for the printers interested in cold transfer.”

Faure can be reached on [email protected]

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