Find the perfect creasing channel quickly with new app

Marbach recently released its new app. At the touch of a button, interested parties and customers can quickly and easily find out which creasing channel is best suited to their particular order when die-cutting their packaging.

AndrĂ© Angermeir, Sales Manager, Marbach Die Supplies, says, “We launched our app at the end of October, immediately after the launch, the number of visits went through the roof, faster and higher than we had expected. A sign that the market demand for such a tool is high. What was particularly well received is that the app can either be installed on a mobile phone or used as a web application on a PC. This means that every user can use the app to suit their needs and receive creasing channel recommendations on their mobile phone or PC. All you need to do is enter a few parameters and the app will tell you which MCC is the right one in this case.”

The new Web-App can be found here.

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