FIAuk continues investment in Academy low cost flexo training solution

The UK Flexo Industry Association has announced it is further investing in its on-line modular Academy flexo training solution in light of the current print training and education situation in the UK.

Andy Wilson, Chairman of FIAUK comments, “With the demise of print schools in the UK, the flexo industry is sorely lacking training resources. The industry struggles to recruit talent in general, as there is no real education pathway into print and packaging today. Despite the huge leaps forward the industry has taken in technology and innovation, today’s school leavers do not find the print industry attractive, if considered at all. The role of FIAUK is to support our members and partners across a wide range of market needs, and training and education is always at the top of that list. As such, we are currently reviewing our online training solution, developing new additional modules, and again upgrading all the 15 modules currently available to bring them bang up to date with today’s business environment. Importantly, the Academy is incredibly cost effective for businesses. With multi-student discounts available, and the ability to just invest in selected modules, it offers a low-cost solution to upskilling staff, which is particularly important in these difficult cost-driven times.”

The FIAUK Academy is one of the first comprehensive flexographic skills training programmes for the entire flexographic print and packaging supply chain. Developed by the industry for the industry, it currently comprises a 15-module e-learning solution that enables employees to study whenever and wherever they want and achieve CertFIA and DipFIA accreditation in a continuing professional development framework.

Academy modules can also be incorporated into industry-specific apprenticeships with approved partners and hands-on training sessions are available throughout the year to students to underpin their on-line learning.

Current Academy Modules include:

  • Introduction to printing
  • Introduction to colour
  • Inks
  • Anilox rolls
  • Metering systems
  • Printing plates
  • Fingerprinting
  • Reprographics
  • Mounting and proofing
  • Setting a machine
  • Fault finding
  • Paper
  • Film
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Die-cutting

To find out more about FIAUK Academy and download a brochure, please visit

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