Feltri Marone – rising from the ashes

After a devastating fire destroys its primary facility back in 2019, Feltri Marone is back, bigger and stronger.

In the memories of 2023, a remarkable chapter unfolds in the saga of Feltri Marone S.p.A., a venerable icon in Italy’s textile industry with a storied history dating back over ninety years. Since its establishment in 1933, the company has navigated the volatile currents of the market, enduring setbacks and celebrating victories. Yet, no challenge has loomed as large as the devastating fire that engulfed its main facility in 2019.

The blaze left Feltri Marone reeling, but instead of succumbing to despair, the company embraced resilience and renewal. Through months of tireless effort and unwavering determination, the factory was painstakingly rebuilt and rejuvenated at its scenic location on the shores of Lake Iseo. This rebirth was more than just physical reconstruction; it symbolised a reaffirmation of identity and strength for a company deeply ingrained in the local community and the wider Italian textile landscape.

Today, Feltri Marone stands as a testament to resilience and innovation, leading the industry with its cutting-edge products. Specialising in technical textiles for the paper and corrugated sector, the company sets itself apart with advanced technology and a relentless commitment to research.

Feltri Marone’s triumph is reflected in its global reach, serving customers in over 58 countries. This success is driven by the company’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the global market, offering tailored solutions and top-quality products.

At the heart of Feltri Marone’s operations lies an unwavering dedication to quality and precision. Each product adheres to ISO 9001 international standards, undergoing rigorous testing throughout the production process. The company also prioritises customer support, providing expert assistance and state-of-the-art testing facilities. This pursuit of excellence fuels ongoing innovation, positioning Feltri Marone at the forefront of the industry. Supported by a global network of partners, the company maintains close communication with customers worldwide, addressing their evolving needs with agility. In an age where resilience and ingenuity are paramount, Feltri Marone stands as a beacon of hope and success in the global industrial landscape.

Its story of renewal is a testament to the perseverance and determination of a company that continues to thrive against all odds, inspiring others along the way.


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