FEFCO launches the 12th Edition of the FEFCO Code

The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers (FEFCO) has confirmed the launch of the revised version of the FEFCO Code, renamed to ‘FEFCO Code – Design styles library for corrugated board products.

‘FEFCO Code’ is the internationally applied system for corrugated packaging design. It was developed by FEFCO in the late 1960s to substitute complicated verbal descriptions of packaging construction with distinct codes and designs and create a common base for communication internally with customers all over the world. The Code is widely recognised, it is adopted by the International Corrugated Case Association (ICCA) and used internationally.

The 12th version of the FEFCO Code reflects the developments in the corrugated industry, new technologies, market changes, and more than a hundred new designs, including a new series related to retail and e-commerce. The Code is an interactive document, with an overview page for each series highlighting the new codes. All design details have been standardised throughout the book.

“The FEFCO Code book revision is one of the most well-known and recognised work of FEFCO and is used on a daily basis by packaging designers. It will further support the communication between corrugated box manufacturers and their customers worldwide reflecting on the new market trends,” said Eleni Despotou, Director General, FEFCO.

FEFCO Code includes the most popular and effective box styles used by corrugated manufacturers and their customers; they can be computer generated in a matter of minutes, the designs can be modified and customised to accommodate any product and requirement. The FEFCO code provides corrugated companies with the basis for more complicated or special designs that incorporate bespoke packaging features using a combination of two or three of the basic FEFCO styles.

To find out more about the FEFCO code click here

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