FEFCO Influencer Days

On 18 and 19 March, FEFCO welcomed top European influencers to Brussels. Over the course of two days, some of Europe’s leading journalists, bloggers and influencers had the chance to learn more about how corrugated is 100% recyclable, bio-based, and biodegradable – in other words, a true circular economy champion. “We want every fibre back,” said FEFCO General Secretary, Angelika Christ at the event. “Give us your used packaging, and we’ll make new boxes out of them.” 

On these ‘Influencer Days,’ the corrugated industry opened its doors and attendees discovered in a hands-on way, why corrugated is the ideal packaging material (for many applications including e-commerce). Thanks to a visit to a VPK paper mill and a corrugated manufacturing plant, the attendees saw how used packaging is recycled and transformed into new packaging. 

Another highlight was a visit to the European Parliament. Participants were able to get directly involved in the discussion on policy issues with policy makers, on essential topics such as the circular economy, recycling, and food waste. During the event, Uroš-Valentino Saraja, assistant of MEP Davor Škrlec, (European Parliament), said, “We want to improve quality of life – sustainability and the circular economy make it possible.” 

Rozalina Petrova, Policy Officer at the EU Commission, added, “Inspired by nature, we want to make all materials sustainable and circular.” 

Participants also visited DS Smith Brands & Experience office. They learned how to best design a box so that it would withstand a tough journey along multiple touchpoints within a supply cycle. 

The event took place on Global Recycling Day, which allowed the industry to repeat its core message on recycling, which is that on average, a box contains 88% recycled material. Of course, everyone can participate in the solution by actively recycling their packaging. 

Participants at the EU Parliament


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