FC Cartons Have Big Ideas

Nottingham, Engalnd based FC Cartons, a provider of specialist carton finishing solutions, confirms that it has acquired a new unit that is over three times the size of its existing plant. “The investment is as much about current efficiencies as it is about future proofing the business. Job creation and succession planning are critical to our growth and the extra space allows for the potential for us to create up to 20 new jobs over the next 5 years. Staying focussed and continually reviewing our customer’s needs is very important in a constantly evolving marketplace where innovation is central to our growth. We’ve always invested in the future generations to ensure team FC has a secure and successful future,” says Debra Woodyatt.

“We’re delighted to have concluded this deal and are really looking forward to having all of our facilities together under one roof. This new space will allow for even greater efficiencies in the delivery of our services. Logistically it will offer a vast improvement in the movement of goods around the plant, with plenty of room for growth. It will allow us to plan future expansion with the confidence that space for new manufacturing processes will not be a problem. We’re looking forward to installing our state-of-the-art equipment and welcoming our team into this fantastic new working environment. We have said many times before that we are always looking for continual improvement across all aspects of our business – from process requirements to warehousing space and following our recent BRC Audit with ‘AA’ and 100% compliant status, we now have extra space in which to expand our services,” explains Debra Woodyatt.


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